Thursday, January 10, 2013

I’m Magic Teacher

I’m poor in English. But I have to teach year 3 English for this year. Headmistress gives me this challenging job just because there is not enough teachers for this year. Madam Lo who is more professional in teaching English has too much job to done.

We always hope that KPM can send new teacher to our school. But very disappointed, they only send us four school stuffs in January. Now my school got six stuffs include the two old stuffs who already work here for so many years.

I still remember when I’m in primary and secondary school,  that is just two staffs for us. That time, my school is more than 800 students. And now, we got six staffs while the students only got 30. So amazing, right?

Anyway, that is not a bad thing, seen their salaries are not paid by us. Beside of that, my school becomes clean and beautiful because of them. Thanks god? Thanks BN? Thanks KPM? Can send us new teacher?

After teaching English for two weeks, I feel not bad. I like this class very much. I like them because they will communicate with me every time I’m asking question. Most of times they will speak in Chinese, but I always want them to try their best to speak English.

When the first time I go into the class,  I already tell them honestly, “I’m not very good in English. But I will try my best. And I will speak in English for whole lesson. I hope you guys can try to speak in English too. Let us learn together.”

That is only 3hours English lesson per week for us to speak English. We should appreciate these golden times. English is an important language for us to communicate with other people especially when we go to other countries. It’s an advantage for us in future life.  


I teach them Chinese when they are in Year 1. I like to show them magic in the lesson.

Today when I go into their class, they say:

“Good morning Magic Boy.”

“Hei, Boy is for kids like you all.”

“I know I know, not Magic Boy, is Magic Man.” One of the students.

“En, also not very nice, Magic Man seen very old.” I say.

“Then, Good morning Magic Teacher.”

Haha, they really very cute.

Okok. I laugh and I say:

“Good morning. Magic Class.”




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