Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Science Fair

My roommate Simon and Shu Pei

Big brother Chan

Dominic Seow playing his music apparatus

Guan Wah with the series and parallel circuits

Chin Siew with the balloon in the bottle

As I say before, we conduct a science fair on Thursday, 5 November 2009. I’m assistant secretary. My job was applying the certificate and invites the lecturer from Department of Science and Mathematic. Beside of that, I’m also taking part in my own station in the Science Fair. My station is dry preservation of plants and I’m partner with Joo Aik.

This Science Fair is the assignment we have to do this semester. But it’s quite weird that BC group conduct this Science Fair while there are two science groups who same semester and same assignment with us. The main reason we conduct this Science Fair is encourage given by our lecturer, Dr.Tay Chong Seng.

There are six topics which we display in this Science Fair. They are, Discrepant Events, Wet Specimen, Dry Specimen, Improvisation Teaching& Learning Aids and Models. All of these topics was the assignment that we have done except the Models which we borrowed from PPISMP-Science Semester 3.

Science Fair started at 9.00a.m. but we go at 7.30a.m. for preparation. We prepare 130 special present for the visitors. We are so surprised because there are many students come and visit our Science Fair. The amounts of the visitors are 156 after we conclude at 3.00p.m.

I explain to the students who come to my station. I explain to them what dry preservation is and I tell them how to apply the dry preservation in our teaching. Beside of that, I also teach them how to dry the plants. I show them our dry production and they are very interested. There are also some Malay students and lecturer come to our Science Fair. In this case I have to introduce and explain using Malay and English. Mostly I choose English to explain because there are too many scientific name which are difficult translate to Malay.

Our Science Fair had been successfully concluded at 3.20p.m. Mr.Tay made a conclusion and reflection. He gives us some useful speech, encourage us to use this knowledge in the future and apply this in our teaching.

I’m satisfied for my performance in this science fair. And I would like to give myself 8.5 points. There are many nice and useful experience I gain in this Science Fair.


虎宝宝 said...

houhou,using Amo again.
if got any problem please not stingy to give a teach.(不吝赐教)

ce11 said...

整体上都好,不过注意consistency 哦~ 你的past tense 有时出现有时没有咧~ xD

虎宝宝 said...

哈哈,其实我还真的很不明白,past tense present tense真的让我傻傻分不清楚

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